Building Consent

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Central Otago District Council is responsible for ensuring that building work is safe, durable, sustainable and poses no danger to the health and wellbeing of property owners and users.

A building consent is confirmation by us that the proposed building, plumbing, drainage and safety requirements comply with the building code. Almost all building work needs a building consent, and you may also need resource consent for earthworks, building and other environmental effects.

We strongly recommend that you get in touch with us during the planning stages of your project to ensure that you are on the right track.

The types of work listed at the bottom of this page all need a building consent. We have developed User Guides (also known as​ Lodgement Checklists) that must be used when assembling your application. Simply identify the description that best describes your project from the list below and download the correct application form and user-guide you need.

Find out how to apply for a building consent​ and how much it costs. Remember your work cannot start until the fees are paid and your building consent is approved.

The time it takes to issue a building consent depends on the complexity of your project and whether or not you have provided all the correct information. All building consents need to be approved within 20 working days. Generally we find that complete and technically correct building consent applications are processed faster.

Applications with incorrect information however may take longer to process. In this situation applicants will receive a written request for further information. Processing the application will only continue when the requested information is correct, then your consent will be granted.

Be aware that non-consented building work can affect the sale of your property and/or insurance cover of your property in some instances.

Vehicle Crossing Application/Rapid number requests

If you are building a new dwelling or making major alterations to a domestic building and a new or altered vehicle access to the property is required and/or a rapid number (for rural dwelling), an application should be made at the same time as applying for a building consent. 

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