Community Planning

​​One of the initiatives to come out of the Central Prospects work, carried out in 2003/04, was to develop Community Plans for local communities.

Community planning is about the local community determining its future and building resilience within local communities. Emphasis has been placed on the community views, on its local points of difference and finding opportunities that will ensure the community remains an attractive and desirable place in which to live, work and play.

The aim is to create a collective community vision and develop a number of key recommendations to assist in creating a sustainable community. This then provides an important insight on the direction the community would like to head and informs many of the organisations involved in the local area.

Having a community plan group to oversee the community plan and drive the recommendations in the plan is critical to its success. As the local community completes the actions identified in the plan this then helps to build resilience and strength in the local community. Enabling communities to get things done for themselves is a key step to a healthy community.

Council has one member of staff dedicated to community planning. The council role is to provide facilitation and assist with the coordination of plan development and the implementation of plans.

Community planning groups consist of committed members who give their time on a voluntary basis to drive forward the vision of the community. Plans are reviewed once the actions defined in the plan are complete.


Community Owned Strategies and Reports

Camping in Central Otago strategy​ (2010)
Cemtral Otago Cemeteries Strategy 
Central Otago Arts Strategy 2013
Central Otago Outdoor Recreation Strategy 2012-2022
Central Otago Wilding Conifer Control Group presentation to Council  (29 October 2014)
Towards Better Heritage Outcomes for Central Otago
Towards Better Tourism Outcomes for Central Otago 2014-2019



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Community Development Manager
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