Shaping the future of the Clyde Commercial Precinct


1 June 2017


Last month a group of local residents and business owners came together to discuss challenges and opportunities for the Clyde Commercial Precinct.


With the Clyde Community Survey feedback as a starting point for the conversation, the group started by defining the problems and considering the benefits that could be achieved by addressing them.


This led to the development of an investment logic map, a tool that groups the problems together and aligns them to tangible benefits and strategic responses.


The next step was to develop a range of theoretical improvement options. This part of the day was led by Henry Crothers, a leading Urban Design Specialist. Mr Crothers provided guidance on how to use public spaces to enhance experiences and support growth while retaining heritage and charm.


Long-term Clyde resident Carol Haig said she enjoyed the opportunity for Clyde community and CODC members to “share ideas with provocations encouraged by experienced facilitators who expanded on the thoughts and ideas of the group”.


“I'm looking forward to seeing the options discussed, evaluated and presented for the wider community to comment on.”


Dave Ritchie of Olivers Central Otago was also happy with the approach.


“The process has been really effective in moving quite a long way in an area that is hard for people to get their heads around,” said Mr Ritchie. “It’s distilled input from a number of people into some solid base materials that will be a great springboard for decision making.”


Julie Muir, Executive Manager Infrastructure Services at Central Otago District Council, was a participant in the workshop. She said the day was a very constructive early step in identifying future options to share with the community. 


“I was really happy with the way the workshop came together and provided a structured and tangible way for us to consider public space improvements and where they can deliver value for money.


“Using the ‘Better Business Case’ approach to structure our thinking, means that once the process runs its course, we can deliver the right things for the right price at the right time.


“The critical next step is to identify and test a set of options that we can share and refine with the Clyde community. This group will meet again on 8 June and we expect to share our ideas with the community later this month,” Ms Muir said.

​UPDATE: the 8 June meeting had to be postponed. A rescheduled date is still to be confirmed.

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