Share your vision for a Central Otago Innovation Hub

​28 ​August 2017

Passionate people who want to be a part of shaping a vision for a Central Otago Innovation Hub are invited to a workshop in Alexandra next month.

Central Otago District Council is coordinating the all-day workshop to be held in Council Chambers in Alexandra. It will be facilitated by Anne Pattillo, co-director of Pattillo Consultancy from Wellington.

The technology innovation hub proposal was presented to Council at its August meeting. Members of the Central Otago business community had approached Council's Economic Development Manager with the idea of establishing an innovation hub in Central Otago.  Council agreed to support the scoping of the concept by funding an initial workshop.

In his report, Economic Development Manager Warwick Hawker said considering how Central Otago could drive innovation "was essential to ensuring a thriving future for our regional economy and jobs for our people".

"Central Otago has a rich history in science and innovation, from innovative gold mining systems and dredges, to the Hayes Engineering wire strainer, to fruit crop variety development and innovative wine growing techniques. A number of Crown Research Institutes are represented in the district and most recently we've seen the establishment of the Centre for Space Science Technology.

"It is timely for Central Otago to consider how to build on this heritage, the technological change that is occurring globally and recent local developments, in order to grow an innovative district economy."

The aim of the workshop is to collaboratively develop a shared vision for what a Central Otago Innovation Hub would look like and would consider such questions as:

Where would the hub be physically located? What would a hub look and feel like?  What type of start-ups would we look to attract to the hub?  How can we make the hub attractive to young entrepreneurs? What would we be hoping to achieve for the Central Otago community by establishing such a hub? How might such a hub fit into the bigger picture of Central Otago's future i.e. what role might it play in building a sustainable future? What are Central Otago's strengths when it comes to attracting technology entrepreneurs to the region?

The workshop will be held in Council Chambers in Alexandra from 9.30am-5pm on Thursday 21 September. There is no cost to participate and lunch and refreshments will be provided for attendees.  

Please RSVP by Friday 15 September to Warwick Hawker on 03 440 0681 or email

Those wanting to find out more can contact:
Greg Bodeker                                                             
03 448 8118
021 074 9737


​Warwick Hawker
03 440 0681
027 437 9756


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