Cromwell Area Parks and Reserves


​​Centred on the sparkling shores of Lake Dunstan and the gateway to the Lakes District is Cromwell, a thriving service centre of more than 3500 residents.

Cromwell offers expansive areas of open space with its nationally renowned town greenway, including Anderson Park, the main venue for local sport, network and lake shore margin areas.

In the areas surrounding Cromwell are the nearby settlements of Pisa, Bannockburn and Tarras with parks, reserves and domains that are well worth a visit.

Find out more about all of the public open space recreational opportunities available here.


Alpha Street Reserve


Lying next to the glistening waters of Lakes Dunstan is Alpha Street Reserve.

This extensive reserve includes playing fields and the popular Alpha Street Playground.

There are plenty of things to do here from watching or participating in a local soccer game, throwing a frisbee, flying a kite or playing on the play equipment.

Alpha Street Reserve is a great place to stop for a while and take a leisurely walk along the Lake Dunstan foreshore and also a very popular family picnic spot or place to have a swim in the summer.


Anderson Park


Covering over nine hectares and ideally located near the centre of town is Anderson Park, Cromwell’s premier recreation and sports ground.

Developed in the 1980s as part of the Clyde Dam power project, Anderson Park has a wealth of facilities that are the envy of many towns. These range from three full size playing fields, tennis and netball courts, a playground and the Central Otago synthetic hockey turf.

Also located on the Park is the Cromwell Swim Centre, sports pavilion and fitness centre.

Adjacent to Anderson Park is Cromwell College, the local high school with its gymnasium and sports field.

For nature lovers Anderson Park has an extensive area of green space and paths to walk around with many mature trees. There is also of course, the Anderson Park Rose Garden and low water drought tolerant garden display and information. Both are certainly worth a visit at any time.



Bannockburn Domain


Lying below the Carrick Range is the historic township of Bannockburn and its domain.

Developed circa 1870s, the domain today is the location of the very popular Bannockburn Camp Ground. Also on site is a tennis court, playground and the bowling club.

From the domain you can walk or bike to the site of old gold workings including quartz mining, dredging and sluicing, as well as the many historic buildings in and around the township.

Just up Hall Road from the domain is the Bannockburn Hall and the community’s own historic church, which is a popular venue for local events or weddings. The Bannockburn War Memorial and Cenotaph is also located next to the hall.


Brittany Cove Marina Reserve


This pleasant marina reserve can be found in the heart of Pisa Moorings and accessed from the various access ways and walkways that come off nearby local roads.

Here you can just relax lying underneath the willows listening to the sound of water as it washes up on the gravel beach or walk around the foreshore to Perriam Cove to the south or Dustin Park to the north.


Bruce Street Greenway


Running parallel to Barry Avenue is Bruce Street Greenway. This 20-metre wide greenway stretches across town linking Neplusultra Street in the north to Bruce Street in the south.

Being so close to Barry Avenue makes this Greenway a pleasant walk for residents accessing Printers Bay from the town centre or the town centre to the Kawarau Arm and Old Cromwell Town.

A return trip from one end of the Greenway to the other is about 1.5 kilometres, most of which is under the shade of trees making it a pleasant alternative to using the footpaths.


Cromwell Western Greenway


Cromwell is nationally recognised for its greenway network being one of the earliest communities to adopt this concept in New Zealand.

The western Cromwell Greenway, like all of the other greenways in Cromwell, was developed in the 1980s as part of the Clyde Dam power scheme and the redevelopment of the historic town of Cromwell.

At about 19 hectares this is by far the largest of Cromwell’s three greenways systems and links residences on the western side of the township to Anderson Park and the Cromwell Town Centre. It provides a safe route for children going to Goldfields Primary School and Cromwell College while staying off the roads. For running and walking enthusiasts, this space provides a great circuit.

This wide open space within the built-up environment features an extensive area of mature trees.


Donegal Street Reserve


This pleasant neighbourhood reserve is a popular area for local families and children.

Within the reserve is Cecil Anderson Playground developed in 2005 in honour of Cecil Anderson. This local philanthropist left her house to the Borough of Cromwell after she died.

The property was sold with the proceeds put into a trust to help fund playground projects within the old Cromwell Borough boundaries.


Down Street Greenway


Within the newer part of Cromwell, and running parallel to Barry Avenue is Down Street Greenway. This 20-metre wide greenway goes as far as Neplusultra Street in the north to Down Street in the south.

Linking up with Cromwell Primary School, this Greenway is a popular route for children walking or biking to school.

A return trip from one end of the greenway to the other is approximately 1.5 kilometres, most of which is under the shade of trees.


Dustin Park


Found on the foreshore of Lake Dunstan, Dustin Park is within the heart of the lakeside settlement of Pisa Moorings. This expansive park offers access to Lake Dunstan as well as boasting a popular children’s playground.

There’s plenty of room to kick and throw a ball or take advantage of the onshore wind to fly a kite. While you are here, why not take a return walk along the foreshore towards Perriam Cove to the south.

The Park is a great place to visit or to enjoy a picnic near the lakeshore, swim or launch a boat. There is easy access to the lake shore, as well as a boat ramp for boat users.


Fruit Bowl Reserve


You can’t miss this reserve as it contains probably one of the most photographed objects in New Zealand, the famous Cromwell Fruit sculpture.

Situated on State Highway 8B, the Fruit Bowl Reserve is a popular stop for travellers keen to take a photo of themselves next to the ‘Big Fruit’.

If you have time why not have a game of mini golf. There is also a basketball half court and skateboard bowl, both being popular with locals and visitors. All these activities can be easily accessed off Murray Avenue on the northern side of the Cromwell Town Centre and Mall, which is also a great place to visit.


Lowburn Hall Domain


Located off State Highway 6, just near the Lowburn Inlet on Lake Dunstan, this local domain is looked after by local residents.

There is a children’s playground, toilets and it is a great rest stop for travellers or if you want to have a day out in the countryside.


Melmore Terrace Reserve

Beside the Cromwell Memorial Hall and above the lake is this small but delightful landscaped reserve.

This largely sheltered reserve is an ideal place to have lunch while taking in the views of the Cairnmuir Range and any water activities on the Kawarau Arm of Lake Dunstan.

Take time to smell the roses!


Nepulsultra Street Reserve


Cromwell at one time had its own seasonal outdoor ice skating rink, and signs of it can still be found among the pine trees in the centre of this reserve.

The local Scout Den is based here as well as the Cromwell Squash Club.

On the eastern side of the reserve is the now closed historic Litany Street Cemetery, the resting place of Cromwell’s early pioneers.


Perrriam Cove


With its continental feel, Perriam Cove and its marina development is well worth a visit to watch the bustle of activity on and off the water.

There is a public wharf here to moor the boat, or why not take a short walk around the cove making use of the arched walkway bridge. For slightly longer walks, head northwards along the foreshore to Dustin Park.


Roberts Drive Reserve


Hidden off State Highway 8B on the north side of Cromwell is this small but pleasant local neighbourhood reserve.

The reserve provides a convenient short cut for local residents walking from Roberts Street to Bell Avenue and onto the Lake Dunstan foreshore. It also is a lovely quiet spot for a picnic with a small playground for young children.


Tarras Domain


Lying just outside the settlement of Tarras along State Highway 8 is the Tarras Domain.

Consisting of approximately three hectares of land, this domain boasts a sports field, tennis courts, playground and the Tarras War Memorial Community Hall.

Lying adjacent to this Domain is the Tarras Golf Course, a delightful nine-hole rural golf course.

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