Roxburgh Area


Within the Teviot Valley Council provides playgrounds offering children a variety of play experiences from the use of play equipment to the exploration of the play environment.

See below to find out more about the key features of the playgrounds available.


King George V Memorial Park Playground

When in Roxburgh the place to go for fun is the King George V Memorial Park playground catering for children from age three up. Here in this fenced playground you will find a large modular unit and swings as well as a traditional roundabout and bulldozer common in bygone days. There‚Äôs good space to run about as well as a place with shade. Toilets can be found nearby.  


Lake Roxburgh Village Reserve Playground

While this playground has the usual swing, slide and seesaw, what makes it different is its play environment surrounded by hillocks and exposed rock tors. Kids if you are looking for a place to play hide and seek or explore this is the place to go. No toilets are provided.


Millers Flat Playground

A small basic playground in a delightful village is the best way to describe this playground. With only a swing unit it does not offer much, but if you are keen on tennis there are courts right next door. Sorry no toilets are provided.

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