Central Otago Swim School


Central Otago Swim School’s team of experienced and enthusiastic instructors deliver a Learn to Swim programme at both Molyneux Aquatic Centre and Cromwell Swim Centre.

The Swim School’s programme provides a range of classes for all ages and levels of ability. This includes a babies and toddlers aquatic programme (aged 6 months up), preschool classes, after school lessons, private sessions and tailored special needs programme. Central Otago Swim School also partners Central Lakes Trust, Sport Central and local schools to support the delivery of their swimming programmes.

The swim programme levels document (linked to the right) outlines what skill sets are taught and built on within various levels within each of these programmes. This is a great place for parents and caregivers to track their child’s progress from starfish to shark!

Central Otago Swim School strives to provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience for everyone. Let our team help you and your family gain confidence and enjoyment in water, enabling you to tap into the benefits of aquatic activities for a lifetime.

A graduated programme structure focuses on achievable goals and incentives to ensure children progress efficiently and gain a real sense of achievement.

Depending on the length of term (7-10 weeks) and the programme level (e.g. infants, pre-school, after-school), the cost for a term of swim classes range between $65 to $112. Private lessons are charged at $18 per 15 minutes.​


Phone: 03 440 0680 or 021 490 264
Email: centralswimschool@codc.govt.nz



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