Trail Funding

​​​CODC has agreed to provide a contribution to track funding in the Cromwell, Alexandra, Earnscleugh/Manuherikia and Teviot Valley wards. The funds are distributed to volunteer-led trail projects via a relatively simple grants application process. This funding is intended for trail improvements that reduce maintenance costs or repairs/maintenance. It is not intended for new trail projects.

Applicants must demonstrate the need for work, including an assessment of options to complete the work, funding alternatives (if any) and timing for when the work needs to occur. Funding will be allocated throughout the year, with any funds unallocated carried over to the following year.

Please read the supporting information on this page before filling in the:

Eligible Conditions to apply for a Grant

 Here is a list of conditions you must fulfill before we can consider your application:

  1. Your group must be within the Cromwell, Vincent, Teviot wards.
  2. Your trail project must be volunteer led
  3. Funds must be used in support of trail repairs and maintenance
  4. In most cases we will require two current quotes for the proposed work.


 If your group is successful with its application, here is a list of things you will need to do:

  1. Spend the money on the approved items within the agreed timeframe
  2. Provide receipts
  3. Return any unused funds within a specified period
  4. Provide a short report of your trail crew and the work achieved, including progress photos.
  5. Be available to participate in any publicity that CODC requires.

Application Assessment

  • Applications will be received and reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Manager.
  • All applications will be approved by the CEO of Central Otago District Council.
  • To ensure applications proceed in a timely manner, copies of constitutions, regular minutes and quarterly financials should be regularly submitted with Council.



If you have any questions please get in touch via email at​

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