Governance Documents

​Code of Conduct

Council is required under the Local Government Act 2002 to adopt a Code of Conduct for elected members of Council. The Code of Conduct sets out the understandings and expectations of the manner in which elected members conduct themselves while acting in their capacity of an elected member.

Delegations Register

Register of delegations to Community Boards, Committees and the Chief Executive Officer.

Local Governance Statement

​Council is also required under the Local Government Act to prepare and make publicly available, a local governance statement.  This document is a collection of information about the processes that Council uses to engage with the residents of the Central Otago district. It also outlines how Council makes decisions and how the citizens of the district can influence those processes.

​Standing Orders

Standing orders are the rules for the conduct of the proceedings of local authorities, committees, subcommittees and subordinate decision-making bodies, and local and community boards. Their purpose is to enable local authorities to exercise their decision-making responsibilities in a transparent, inclusive and lawful manner.  

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