Wine Sales

Wine may be sold through any outlet that holds a current alcohol licence for sales direct to the public.

On Licence – for sales direct to the public for on-site consumption

Off Licence – for sales direct to the public for consumption somewhere else

If you wish to sell your wine direct to the public you will need to apply for your own licence. You will also be required to have a manager who holds a current Manager’s Certificate to oversee these sales.

We recommend you contact us to discuss to ensure all matters are addressed.

An Off-Licence for remote sales – mail-order/internet order sales only, with no members of the public coming to your licensed premises to purchase alcohol, will not require a resource consent or building clearances as you are delivering the wine to them.

The holder of an off-licence that sells alcohol by remote sale using an internet site must display on the internet site in a prominent place: -

  • The licence holder's name, licence number and date on which it expires, and
  • Either a legible image of the licence, or a clearly identified link to such an image.

The licence holder's name, licence number and date on which the licence expires must also be displayed in every catalogue used to advertise the sale of alcohol, and on every receipt issued for remote sales.
If you wish to also have on-site sales of wine you will need to check with our Planning department to see if you are required to first obtain a Resource Consent approval. You will also need to check with our Building Department as you may require a building upgrade. This may include the provisions of disabled access and additional facilities.

The Off-Licence application must be made in the name of the legal entity that is benefitting from the sale of the wine. (i.e. a person, partnership, company, etc.) Some licenced premises are owned by one legal entity and another entity holds the licence. If this is the case a letter from the owner of the premises to the licencee applicant is required giving approval for alcohol sales to take place.

An Off-Licence for on-site sales also allows for complementary tasting of wine, but if you wish to sell the tastings an On-Licence would also be required. 


Page reviewed: 30 Aug 2016 10:54am