​​​​​CODC invites interested residents, researchers, historians and genealogists to delve into our archives and mine the rich history stored within them.

With material dating back to 1866, the Central Otago District Council Archives cover a significant period of history in the area administered by the Central Otago District Council and the local authorities which preceded it in the district.

The archives include the records of Roxburgh Borough Council (1874-1989), Cromwell Borough Council (1866-1989), Maniototo County Council (1877-1989), Alexandra Borough Council (1867-1989), Naseby Borough Council (1873-1989). It also houses records relating to some functions of the Waitaki County Council (1877-1989), Tuapeka County Council (1846-1989), Vincent County Council (1877-1989) and Southland County Council (1877-1989).

The archives hold a wide variety of original records, totally 5000+ items, related to local government in the district including maps, minute books, correspondence, rate books, cemetery information, ledgers, photographs, portraits and records from the business transactions of the organisations from the mid-1800s forward into the 21st century.

"We strive to honour the past in tribute of the future."

The archival records are generally no longer used for day-to-day business of the district council, but are retained for their ongoing value to Council and the community. While most items are still paper-based, a move towards digitising records to widen their accessibility has begun with the launch of our online catalogue and samples from our archives. See our Online Archive Repository section.

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