Alterations to existing buildings

​​(Section 112 Building Act 2004)

If a building consent is required for work on your house you will need to show us that the building has or will be fitted with smoke alarms in compliant positions, and that the means of escape from fire complies as nearly as reasonably practicable.

With alterations to commercial, public use and buildings of the like the applicant must demonstrate how the entire building (not just the altered portion) complies as near as reasonably practicable with 'means of escape from fire' and 'access and facilities for people with disabilities'. The key element here is that it must be no worse than before and the highest level of compliance that can be reasonably considered practical will be achieved. The 'as near as reasonably practicable' clause can only be used on reasonable grounds and must take into account case law and MBIE guidance. If the application does not demonstrate compliance or propose practicable upgrades (including a sacrifices vs benefits analysis for shortcomings) the Council will not have reasonable grounds to issue a building consent.​

Page reviewed: 26 Oct 2017 12:20pm