Amendments and Variations to Building Consent

​​Changes made to a building consent are referred to as amendments.

Small variations and minor changes may be dealt with by a Building Inspector (discretionary) however major changes (amendments) are processed formally.

Amending a building consent

If you wish to change the design of the building after the building consent is either applied for or issued, then:

  • If the building consent has not been issued, submit two copies of the amended documents to the Building Inspector processing your consent. These must highlight the intended changes, including a cover letter detailing those changes. We recommend that you contact the Building Inspector to advise them of your intentions to avoid re-processing.
  • If the building consent has already been issued, you will need to submit an application form for an amendment​ to the building consent showing the amended details. Approval must be obtained prior to the work being carried out. Amendments are invoiced following approval (lodgement fee plus time spent processing the amendment).

Council should approve an Amendment Application within 20 working days, assuming the application is correctly detailed. Simple amendments are generally processed within a few days.

Page reviewed: 26 Oct 2017 12:23pm