Building Consent Costs

​​​​​​​​​​Central Otago District Council requires the full fee payment to be made at application time. Our electronic fee calculator will assist you to determine the payment required. 

Further charges will only be incurred at the end of the project if building inspections completed on site are more than what was allowed for in the allocated fees for the project. 

​If you wish to pay your consent fees online this can only be done once we have accepted your application for processing. We will send your invoice to you by email. This invoice will have your customer number for you to reference and our bank account details on it.

Processing of your consent does not start until the fees have been paid so prompt payment is essential. 

​​​​​Our charges are made up of the following components:

  • Time spent processing the application
  • Number of inspections (type and number vary depending on type and scope of work)
  • Issue of Code Compliance Certificate
  • Issue of a compliance schedule where applicable. (This is mainly for commercial work)
  • Levies payable to MBIE (payable on all applications over $20,444) and currently set at $2.01 per $1000 of building work.
  • Levies payable to Building Research Association of New Zealand (payable on all applications over $20,000) and currently set at $1.00 per $1000 of building work.

Our electronic fee calculator will calculate the amount of fees you are paying based on the value of work entered.  It will also show you how that payment is made up of Council fees and levies.

​​Building Consent Fee Calculator ​(Excel-based) 

  • Please note: that Excel will open up in protected View. You will need to enable Editing for the calculator to work. What is protected View? Also note we have modified the types of building categories. If you are unsure which category to use please contact our building team for advice.​

Development contributions

A development contribution is a contribution of cash by developers to fund the additional demand for reserves, network infrastructure and community infrastructure created by growth.

Development contributions may apply to applications for resource consent, building consent (if commercial or multi-unit) or service connections lodged with CODC.  

Development contributions must be paid in full before a code compliance certificate will be issued.

For more information, please phone (03) 440 0056 and ask to speak to the CODC Planning Team.​​

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