Commercial Buildings



​The general requirements for a Building Consent for Commercial Premises are the same as for any Building Consent. However, if you are planning to do building work on industrial or commercial premises there are some extra requirements that would not normally apply to a private building or dwelling. Council must be satisfied that any proposed alterations or new building work meets requirements for factors such as:

  • access and facilities for persons with disabilities
  • fire safety
  • signs
  • change of use
  • structural design
  • earthquake resistance
  • lift requirements
  • hazardous substances / dangerous goods
  • trade waste
  • food premises
  • sanitary facilities
  • use by the public

Referral to Fire and Emergency NZ

Some applications are required by law to be sent to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) for review. 

Applications required to be reviewed by the FENZ are:

  • Alternative solution fire designs.
  • Applications that involve modifications or waiver of clauses C1-6, D1, F6 or F8 of the New Zealand Building Code.
  • Applications that involve an alteration, change of use, or subdivision and affects the fire safety systems, including any building work on a specified system relating to fire s​afety, unless the fire safety system is minor.

CODC will send the application to FENZ on your behalf.

Certificate for Public Use

A Certificate for Public Use is issued by the Council and ensures that a commercial premise is safe for members of the public to use while work under a building consent is carried out. You need a Certificate for Public Use if you intend the public to have access to all or part of the premises (either during construction or on completion) prior to the issue of the Code Compliance Certificate.

Certificate for Public Use application


Compliance Schedules 

A Compliance Schedule is a document that is required by the Building Act 2004 and prepared by the Council. It details the specified systems that need to be maintained and tested – you can view the full list below, so that building owners can guarantee the safety of the building and occupants.

Council requires Building Consent applicants to provide a list of the specified systems for the building, including existing systems being altered or removed. This list must be supported by the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for each system (specified systems forms). A Compliance Schedule will then be generated from this information and a draft copy included with the approved Building Consent.​

For new buildings, the Compliance Schedule is automatically issued along with the Code of Compliance Certificate at the completion of the project. This statement is valid for one year and will then be replaced by the annual Building Warrant of Fitness regime.

For more information on each specified system please refer to the Building Performance website.

Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)​

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) is a declaration by the building owner that the specified systems have been maintained. A copy of the Building Warrant of Fitness must be provided annually to the Council and publicly displayed on the building it relates to.​

You are required to have a BWOF if your building contains any of the following specified systems. See the linked user guides and forms for each.

An annual fee is payable to Council to maintain and record your Building Warrant of Fitness status. Other costs will be the fee for independent qualified practitioner’s service.​

Read the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Guide for Warrant of Fitness.


Independent Qualified Practitioner (IQP)

The owner of the building is required to get an independent qualified practitioner to inspect, maintain and report on the Specified Systems as detailed on the Compliance Schedule.

  • To find a registered practitioner in the South Island and find out more about IQPs see this Timaru District Council's webpage (look for heading of Independent Qualified Practitioner).


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