Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings

​A property has a building on it that looks dangerous. Can anything be done about it?

An inspection of the building can be made by a Building Inspector and if it is considered to be dangerous or insanitary the owner will be required to make it safe.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (which incorporates the former Department of Building and Housing) defines dangerous and insanitary buildings as below:


Dangerous Buildings

In terms of the Building Act 2004 (section 121), a building is dangerous if in the ordinary course of events it is likely to cause injury or death to people using the building or nearby, or likely to cause damage to other property. It includes a building that is likely to be dangerous in the event of fire.

Insanitary Buildings

In terms of the Building Act 2004 (section 123), a building is insanitary if it is offensive or likely to be injurious to health because of its situation, construction, state of disrepair (including dampness), or lack of drinkable water or sanitary facilities.

For more information check out the Ministry’s information for building officials on dangerous and insanitary buildings policies and enforcement of the Building Act provisions.

Dangerous and Insanitary Building Policy

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