Digital Building Consent Applications


​​​​​​​​​We've heard your requests to move away from paper, and we've listened…the Building Control Team is excited to announce our launch of Digital Building Consent Applications!

All the forms and information customers need will be accessible via the 'Apply for it' tab on the CODC website.​

What do I need to lodge a digital application?

Document Submission Requirements

All documents need to be saved individually and named according to the CODC – Building Naming Conventions below:​

  • Application_Form_2
  • Application_Processing_Sheet
  • Application_Proof_of_Ownership
  • Application_Agent_Authority
  • Application_Plans
  • Application_Product_Specifications
  • Application_Project_Specifications
  • Application_Bracing_and_Truss_Design
  • Application_Certificate_of_Design_Work
  • Further_Information_Revised_Plans_(date:yyyymmdd)
  • Further_Information_Revised_Calculations_(date:yyyymmdd)


If you believe your documentation does not fit in any of the above, please use logical and clear descriptions that match the format of the naming conventions.

Documents submitted must be of a high quality (i.e. digitally born, 300dpi, full colour, legible)

If an application is submitted incompletely, it may be rejected and you will have to re-submit.

Please ensure your value of work is correct, we use The NZ Building Economist guide to help ensure the value of work provided is correct.

If you would like, you can generate an estimate for what your building consent will cost by using our Fee Calculator

Please note, once your application has been received, vetted and approved – your application will be entered into the system and an invoice will be sent to the nominated remunerator.

Processing of an application does not begin until fees have been paid.


What are the main differences between the digital application process and the paper one?​

  1. No PACS are required but they can still be requested if deemed necessary. Our new processing forms allow you to see exactly what our Building Control Officers are basing their assessment of your application on. By taking the time to complete this form correctly, you will avoid​ delays in the processing of your application that may be incurred due to requests for further information. 

  2. Only one copy of documents needs to be provided for digital applications.

  3. Everything can be submitted via digital upload platform​ at the bottom of this page. (see Upload your application).  

  4. Last but certainly not least.... no printing!



The timeframe for all building consent applications, including digital remains the same - 20 working days to process applications. 

During the national COVID-19 lockdown we ask for your patience. The digital process is extremely new to our team and we are all working in unfamiliar circumstances. The regulating building bodies are not enforcing the 20-day working clock during lockdown.


Requirements after a consent has been granted​

Remains the same, once a building consent has been granted, building work must begin within 12 months and adhere to the approved building plans.  A building consent lapses if not given effect to within 12 months. Inspections are required throughout the construction process in order to secure the final Code Compliance Certificate.


What to do if you need to cancel an application​

Remains the same, if you want to withdraw/cancel an application, you can do so at any time before the work starts. Requests to withdraw/cancel a building consent must be in writing. Council will refund the fees less any reasonable charges for processing the consent to date.


Upload your application

Click here to upload your application documents.




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