Installing a Fire

​All liquid and solid fuel heaters like wood, pellet and diesel burners need a building consent application.

You will need to complete a Heating Appliances user-guide, the Building consent application form and pay the fees​. When the consent has been approved and sent back to you, you can install the fire. You then need to get the fire inspected before it can be used. Please note that using your fire without an inspection could jeopardise your insurance.

Heating systems that don't need a building consent include: gas fires installed by a registered gas fitter and heat pumps installed by a registered electrician.

You can view the list of approved wood burners on the Ministry for the Environment website. Generally, local fire appliance retailers know the rules and can offer advice on the types of wood burners, pellet fires and diesel burners available to you.

The Otago Regional Council (ORC) sets the rules for discharge of domestic heating appliances. To read more about what is required check out ORC's Regional Plan – Air Guide. For all enquires contact Otago Regional Council directly: phone 0800 474 082 or email


Installing Second-hand Solid or Liquid Fuel Burners

Second-hand solid and liquid fuel burners can only be installed when:

  • Clean Air approval can be established – contact Otago Regional Council.
  • A durability certificate is provided. This could be issued by the manufacturer or manufacturers' agent.
  • A new inner flue is installed.


Useful Information

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