Producer Statements

A producer statement is a statement completed by suitably qualified and experienced designer or building professional confirming that the design or construction has been completed in accordance with certain provisions of the New Zealand Building Code.

Central Otago District Council has the responsibility for enforcing the provisions of the building code, and ensuring that all completed building work complies with the code.  One way of helping us to be satisfied on reasonable grounds is via the acceptance of a producer statement.

Producer Statements must be comprehensively completed and:

  • clearly identify the property where the work that it covers is located;

  • clearly describe the work that it covers;

  • explicitly reference plans and specifications (including calculations);

  • state the Building Code clause or clauses which it covers;

  • state which relevant performances of the Building Code will be or have been met;

  • state what conditions of the building consent have been met (producer statements for construction review only);

  • justify any claims made by reference to standards, manufacturer's literature etc.

  • state any conditions or limitations on the validity of the statement;

  • where inspections are required by persons other than the BCA, list the inspections required, and identify who will perform them;

  • be dated and signed by the author; and

  • show the author's name, qualifications, registration number, and a statement of the author's current professional insurance provisions.

Producer statements supplied as part of a building consent application or during construction must be: signed by an approved author (refer below), current and project specific. Calculations and drawings (where applicable) must accompany a producer statement.

For us to accept a producer statement for design or construction the author must be on one of the following registers:

  • IPENZ Chartered Professional Engineers

  • Southern Building Control Group (SBCG) Producer Statement Register


Applications to be registered on the Southern Building Control Group (SBCG) Producer Statement Register can be made on the SBCG Producer Statement Register​

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