Purchase a Plot

​​To reserve an ashes or interment plot from one of our cemeteries you will need to fill out the section of the cemetery form titled Plot Reservation Details.

The easiest way to reserve a plot(s) is to contact cemetery administration staff to view the cemetery maps and available plots. Alternatively you could pop out to the cemetery and select the plot you wish to reserve and then ring the Council. 

Once you have made a decision, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of the plot(s). Once payment has been made our staff will then send out the completed documentation. We suggest you keep this documentation with your important papers so that your family are aware of your intentions. You can copy this information if further copies are required.



If you no longer require a plot(s), you can bring a copy of the invoice and receipt paid for the plot to the Council offices and we will reimburse you. Please note that plots cannot be on-sold to another person.



When choosing a headstone, there are some recommendations about size and ongoing maintenance. The maximum height for headstone within a Council cemetery is one metre and it needs to be located within the marked boundaries on the concrete berms.

Please note if you intend using schist rock to seal it correctly otherwise the extreme weather conditions can cause the rock to explode.

For Alexandra Cemetery in particular we would recommend that when you order a headstone to ask the monumental masons to use a sealant so as to avoid lime staining caused by the high lime content in the water.

If you intend making a headstone out of something personal to the family member, you will need to get permission from Council first as some materials may not be suitable. You need to write to Council and include details about the proposed headstone before permission can be granted.


Memorial Gardens

All Central Otago District Council run cemeteries are lawn cemeteries, which means garden plots cannot be planted on top of graves, or rock or concrete borders around the plot. The only exception is Cromwell Cemetery, where families can purchase a memorial plot and build gardens on their plot.


To purchase a plot contact:


​Community Services Administration Officer
1 Dunorling Street, Alexandra
Phone: (03) 440 0618

​Customer Services Officer
Cromwell Service Centre
42 The Mall, Cromwell
Phone: (03) 445 0211

Customer Services Officer
Ranfurly Service Centre
15 Pery Street, Ranfurly
Phone: (03) 444 9170

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