Central Otago Regional Identity

​​​​Council is entrusted with managing the Central Otago regional identity​ on behalf of the community.

As part of this responsibility it has registered the Central Otago brand mark and holds the trademark license.

Council is committed to its role as the license holder and has a full-time role devoted to managing the Central Otago regional identity. This involves managing the approval process for anyone who wants to be great advocates for Central Otago and include the Central Otago brand mark in association with their business or organisation, as well as giving advice on how to use the unique visual identity design system that is freely available to all approved partners.

Residents, businesses and community groups who are passionate about Central Otago and who want to use the Central Otago regional identity brand mark, in essence, are agreeing to uphold the values at the heart of the Central Otago regional identity and the terms and conditions of use.

Image Library

Alongside the unique design system associated with the Central Otago regional identity, Council has built up a comprehensive digital image library of strong images that reflect the distinctive features, experiences and locations within Central Otago. To get access to this image library contact the Council's Regional Identity Manager.


Central Otago Awards

​​The Central Otago Awards are presented biennially to businesses and individuals that exemplify a commitment to making a difference. Every two years there are a range of Award categories on offer including one for Youth, Apprentices, Young Professionals and Business Excellence, and for Community Services.

Our regional values​ are a key of these awards and it is about honouring those businesses and individuals that are committed to actively integrating those values into their everyday lives.

Having the opportunity of bringing together the community to celebrate the level of innovation and amazing talents in the local community is always special. 

Go to www.centralotagoawards.co.nz to find out more about these Awards



Shirley Howden
Regional Identity Manager
Phone: (03) 440 0624
Email: shirley.howden@codc.govt.nz


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