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 Community Development NEWS - November 2019
The Omakau & Manuherikia Community Spaces Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study is available here.


About Community Development

Community development is about enabling local communities to determine the future direction of their place and the projects that they are passionate about. The aim of community development is to actively involve people in building their own sustainable and resilient communities that reflect the values and vision of those who live in and/or identify with them.​

Council utilises and supports community development in numerous ways.  Central Prospects – Community Outcomes and Actions, which was first developed by Council back in 2003 through extensive community input, is regularly used by Council to help identify the key issues facing our Central Otago communities. 

There are a range of community-led strategies, enabled by Council, that reflect the values of community groups and organisations. Several examples are listed below. 

Council also supports in the development of community plans throughout the region. These plans, developed from community input and feedback, provide a collective vision and set of recommended actions that the community can independently work away at.  

Community plans provide important insight for organisations involved in the local area about the direction that the community wants to head.  It also enables communities to get things done for themselves, which is key to a healthy, resilient community.  

Each community plan relies on a group of committed members who give their time voluntarily to drive the community plan actions and develop the overall community wellbeing.​

Council has one member of staff dedicated to community development. Council's role is as an "enabler" to assist representative groups and organisations in achieving their collective goals and visions. ​



Nikki Aaron
Community Development Manager
Phone: (03) 262 8530

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