Council Property

​​​​​Our property team is responsible for managing Council’s commercial and administration buildings, community venues, public toilets, elderly persons’ housing, aerodrome and landholdings. We also provide property advice to other Council departments and to a wide range of community groups occupying or leasing Council land or facilities.

Asbestos: Please note if you are carrying out construction work within a Council owned building, please contact the property team via our main Council line (03) 440 0056 to receive any available asbestos survey data.​​​

Community Buildings

Our community buildings provide places for social, sporting and cultural interaction. We own or manage 17 community halls, two stadiums and two theatres throughout the district. See our Venues section​ for more details on these.

For enquiries about community facilities eg hire, contact the Property and Facility Officer within the relevant ward:

​​CromwellManiototo​Teviot Valley/Vincent

Debbie Shaw
03 265 7057​

​Janice Remnant
03 444 9170​

Christina Martin
03 440 0601​

Public Toilets

We provide public toilets in towns across the district and at recreation facilities and parks. These are available for residents and visitors.

Administration Buildings​

Council’s main Alexandra office and service centres in Cromwell, Ranfurly and Roxburgh house all Council service departments and allow Council to carry out its functions and to ensure a local presence is maintained in local communities.

Commercial and Other Property

We own and lease a variety of commercial and farm properties, and develop land for sale that is not contributing to community outcomes and where it is considered unlikely to do so in the future. We also purchase land for development where there is merit. The income from commercial property is used to fund other Council costs.

We own and manage a number of forestry blocks. These forests also provide an amenity value for the community for walking and biking.

For Lease Enquiries contact: 
Linda Stronach
Property Officer - Statutory
Phone: (03) 440 0659 


We manage the assets at the aerodromes at Alexandra, Cromwell and Roxburgh. The users are generally recreational private pilots and some commercial users for such things as top dressing of farms.

For Airport enquiries contact:
Tara Bates
Property and Facilities Officer - District
Phone: (03) 440 0623

Elderly Persons' Housing

For enquiries about elderly persons’ housing contact the Property and Facility Officer for the relevant ward:

​​Cromwell | Teviot Valley | VincentManiototo

Debbie Shaw
03 265 7057​

​Janice Remnant
03 444 9170​

Click on the link below for more detail about our Elderly Persons' Housing units. 

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