Dog Control

​​​​Council aims to ensure a healthy and safe environment, free from dangerous and aggressive dogs, and to minimise nuisance. We follow up on any complaints regarding excessive barking, wandering dogs or aggressive dog behaviour. We register and microchip all dogs​ in the district, and issue infringement notices to those owners who fail to register their dogs. We provide education to dog owners and assist them in meeting their obligations under the Dog Control Act.

We have a Dog Control Policy and a Dog Control Bylaw (2013) to assist Council in enforcing the provision of the Dog Control Act (1996). Both dog registration and dog control functions are provided under contract.​​

If you have lost your dog it may have been picked up by or been handed to the Council’s dog control officers.

Dog control officers may impound any unregistered dog or any dog found wandering outside its owner’s property if it is considered to not be under control and/or likely to cause annoyance, distress or damage to any person or property. If you think your dog may have been impounded you should contact the Council office to arrange for the dog’s release. Prior to release from a pound, by law any unregistered dog must be registered and/or micro-chipped as appropriate and all pound fees paid.

Impounding fees may be set at different rates for registered versus unregistered dogs and may be graduated according to the number of impounding offences against the same dog.​​

Page reviewed: 21 Aug 2019 10:20am