Dog Exercise Areas

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All dogs need and love daily exercise. Make sure your dog is on a lead unless it’s in one of our designated Dog Exercise Areas, provided you have it under control at all times.

Dog Exercise areas are detailed below. You can also check out the maps:

Dog Exercise Areas ​​ (PDF, 799.2KB)

Or use the dog exercise areas layer under the recreation module within our GIS Maps.



  • The Alexandra Pines, State Highway 8
  • The Linger and Die, between Rivers Street and Manuherikia River
  • Town Belt between State Highway 85 and Manuherikia River


  • Sunderland Street Road Reserve
  • True left bank of Clutha River between Clyde Bridge and Dunstan Hospital
  • Vacant land at northern end of Clyde Golf Course and Dunstan Hospital


  • Victoria Park Reserve, Alpha Street
  • Plantation area adjacent to transfer station, Bannockburn Road
  • Plantation area, between Pearson Road and Bannockburn Road


  • Vacant land, Channel Road
  • Forest block off Lomond Street and Killarney Street, Naseby


  • Vacant land, corner Alexander Street and Charlemont Street, Ranfurly


  • Vacant land, Cheviot Street below the bridge

Pisa Moorings

  • · Dustin Park, Pisa Moorings south of the playground


No Dogs Allowed

There are places where dogs are prohibited including:

  • Alexandra, Ranfurly and Roxburgh town centres
  • Old Cromwell
  • Cromwell Mall
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Designated playing areas of all sports fields
  • Cemeteries
  • Swimming pools
  • Designated bathing areas of lakes or rivers (during daylight saving season)
  • Premises where food is manufactured, stored or sold
  • Department of Conservation land designated as “Closed Dog Areas”

These restrictions do not apply to working dogs carrying out their duties.

Page reviewed: 28 Apr 2016 2:07pm