Camping Grounds

All camping grounds must comply with the Camping Ground Regulations 1985 unless a special exemption for some aspects has been granted by the Council. Council's Environmental Health Officer can assist you with advice and information, or undertake inspections at any stage of the development.

Here are the basic compliance requirements:

  • There will be specific size requirements for each site and the number of ablution, laundry and kitchen facilities will be dependent on the camps total occupancy capacity.
  • Paths and sites must be well marked and lit.
  • Water must be available at specified locations around the camp.
  • There must be a record kept of management procedures for, pest control, building maintenance and cleaning practices.
  • Registration is renewed each year from 30 September, or if the business changes hands.

You should note that as Building Consents and Planning approval may also be necessary, you should ensure you contact us well in advance of your proposed opening time.

When you are ready to open, contact the Environmental Health Officer for an inspection and apply for a certificate of registration.

Download a copy of the Camping Ground Regulations.

Please do not open until approved by the Environmental Health Officer and you have been issued with your certificate of registration.  ‚Äč

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