Funeral Homes

All funeral homes and funeral directors must comply with the Health (Burial) Regulations 1946. The Council’s Environmental Health Officer can assist you with any information requirements or undertake inspections at any stage of the development.

The basic compliance requirements are:

  • mortuary surfaces must be continuously smooth, impervious to water, readily cleanable and lightly coloured
  • floors must be coved to the walls and permanent fixtures, and graded and drained to the sewer
  • lighting and ventilation must be adequate
  • mortuary tables must also be graded and drained
  • there must be hot and cold running water and a hand washbasin must be convenient to the area but separate from other sinks
  • staff toilet facilities should be provided
  • there must be active management of cleaning practices, personal hygiene policies, pest control, building maintenance and safe chemical storage

Registration is renewable each year from 30 September, or if the business changes hands.
When you are ready to open, contact the Council’s Environmental Health Officer for an inspection and apply for a Certificate of Registration.

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