Health Nuisances

Certain circumstances relating to residential, commercial and industrial premises can cause a nuisance to others. A nuisance is deemed to be created when a situation is offensive or likely to be injurious to health. It is important for all individuals and businesses to avoid creating a nuisance for the health and well-being of the whole community.


So what is a Nuisance?

Listed in the Health Act 1956 nuisances include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Accumulations or deposits that are offensive or likely to be injurious to health.
  • Premises that harbour rats or other vermin.
  • Buildings that are overcrowded.
  • The discharge of drainage, fumes, gases, vapours, dust or other impurities from premises.
  • Any chimney smoke that is in such a quantity that it may be offensive or injurious to health.
  • Any land or premises in any condition that is found to be breeding flies or mosquitoes or is suitable for breeding other insects which are capable of transmitting disease. 


What can you do?

If you notice something in your area which you think might be a nuisance, or is causing a nuisance to you, you can call the Council and report it to an Environmental Health Officer on 03 440 0056. We may request you put your complaint in writing.


What will the Council do?

If the Environmental Health Officer finds that a nuisance is being caused as defined by the Health Act 1956 then the following action will be taken:

  1. Immediately request that the condition causing the nuisance is ceased or removed.
  2. If the person responsible does not comply with this direction the Environmental Health Officer Council may take all necessary steps to abate the nuisance and may recover costs for the abatement from the owner or occupier of the premises.
  3. As not all matters which are deemed to be nuisances are the responsibility of Central Otago District Council to rectify, those matters will be referred to the appropriate authority.


Further Information

Other issues within your environment that you are finding a nuisance or concern are the responsibility of the following authorities:

​Nuisance Concern​Contact
Barking dogsAnimal Control Office (03) 440 0056
​Smoking chimneys​Otago Regional Council
​Loud or disorderly human behaviour​NZ Police
​Noisy vehicles​NZ Police
​Noisy party​After Hours Service (03) 440 0056
​Workplace concernsDept of Labour, Health and Safety 0800 20 90 20​
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