Funding Grants


​​​​​​​​​​Council-funded Grants

​​​​​​​​Council supports a number of initiatives each year through issuing grants to community-driven initiatives. The grant funds are allocated to initiatives that meet identified community needs and strengthen community well-being. Council's Grants Policy provides an overview of the various grants that Council and Community Boards administer and the principles and objectives which underpin our funding activities. Grant applications should demonstrate that they meet the criteria set out in the policy and support at least one of the four aspects of community well-being.​

There are two rate-funded grants that are issued by our Community Boards.  Applications for these grants close on 1 April and 1 October each year. These grants are:

Promotions grants 

Promotions grants provide funding that helps meet community needs/desires for events or activities that enhance the experience of locals and visitors. Funding is targeted to attracting people to visit, stay, or reside in the area for the betterment of existing residents and ratepayers. Proposed initiatives should demonstrate alignment with community strategies as set out in community documents and Council plans and strategies which have as their goal the social, environmental, economic and cultural enhancement of the ward area.

Application forms:

Alison Mason
Media and Marketing Manager

Community grants 

These grants support community-driven initiatives which enhance the well-being of residents. They fund projects which fall outside of the promotions criteria and demonstrate a clear connection to one or more aspect of community well-being (social, economic, environmental and cultural) as well as deliver on objectives outlined in the Long Term Plan and Council's other key strategic documents.

Application forms:

Nikki Aaron
Community Development Officer

Council-administered Grants

Council also administers the following grants on behalf of national funders:

Creative Communities grants 

Council has a partnership with Creative New Zealand to promote, support and increase participation in arts and cultural activities within the district. These grants are funded by Creative New Zealand and focus on supporting artistic or cultural events and projects which are accessible to the community.  T​hese encourage the promotion of arts within the district.

Applications are heard by an Assessment Committee twice per year with application deadlines being February and August each year.

Creative Communities Application Form
Creative Communities Guidance

Judith Whyte
Administration Officer
Phone: (03) 440 0618

Sport NZ grants 

The Rural Travel Fund was launched by Sport New Zealand in response to concerns raised by Territorial Authorities about the lack of participation in sports by young people living in rural communities. Council's partnership with Sport New Zealand allows subsidised travel for junior teams participating in local sports competitions outside of school time. Sport New Zealand provides Rural Travel Funding to Territorial Authorities that have less than 10 people per square kilometre, and who wish to participate in the Rural Travel Fund.

Applications to the Assessment Committee are decided annually with applications closing in October each year.

Rural Travel Fund Application Form
Rural Travel Fund Guidelines

Judith Whyte
Administration Officer
Phone: (03) 440 0618

Maniototo Grants

If you live in the Maniototo, you may be eligible for funding from the Community Trust of Maniototo or the Maniototo Trust Fund. These two grants are awarded twice per year when the Trustees and Community Board hold a joint distribution meeting. These funding distribution meetings are held in May and December of each year.

  • The Maniototo County Council created an independent charitable trust known as the Community Trust of Maniototo in April 1974. The Community Trust of Maniototo fund is administered by independent trustees. Grants made through the community trust support individuals and organisations to hold or attend events and carry out operational activities. 
  • The Maniototo Trust Fund is derived from income received from the sale of the Otago Power Shares in October 2002 that has been invested.  The fund is administered by the Maniototo Community Board. These grants assist organisations to deliver capital works and improvement. 

To apply for either of these funds, please complete the Application Form​. 

Janice Remnant
Property and Facilities Officer
Ranfurly Service Centre
Phone: (03) 262 8502

Upcoming Funding Clinics

​Wednesday 19 August​11:00am - 1:00pm Room A, Alexandra Community House​Alexandra
​Tuesday 8 September ​4.30pm  -5.30pm​Ranfurly Service Centre​​Ranfurly
​Wednesday 9 September​2:30pm - 4:30pm​CLT Boardroom​Cromwell
​​Tuesday 13 October​1:00pm - 3:00pm​Roxburgh Service Centre Hub​Roxburgh

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