Seasonal Workers Accommodation

The Central Otago District Plan requires resource consent to establish seasonal workers accommodation in the rural area.

Seasonal Workers Accommodation means accommodation units that are used for part of the year to meet labour requirements in the horticulture sector, and which generally have sleeping and ablution facilities and a communal kitchen and eating area.​

The rule in the District Plan was developed by the Council in negotiation with Hort New Zealand, and enables seasonal workers accommodation for up to 60 people.

When processing an application Council's discretion is restricted to the following: 

  1. Visual effects.
  2. Management of the adverse effects of noise.
  3. Management of the adverse effect of activities conducted on the site that are incidental to the seasonal workers accommodation.
  4. The effect of the safe and efficient operation on the roading network and the provision for parking.
  5. The management regime for the operation of the seasonal workers accommodation.
  6. The provision of water, waste water, electricity and telecommunication services.

Seasonal Workers Accommodation for more than 60 people requires resource consent for a full discretionary activity. When processing an application for a discretionary activity Council's discretion is unlimited, i.e. all matters can be considered.​

The numbers of toilets, basins and showers required will depend on whether the building is a single facility or a series of cabins (like a camping ground) the number of people accommodated, whether the toilets are unisex, and where the toilets are positioned (i.e. separate or  in a common lobby).

An example of an accommodation building with unisex toilets in a common lobby is detailed below:

​Accommodation Building​10 People​20 People​60 People

For any facility accommodating more than 6 people there is also likely to be requirements around fire rating and alarms.

If you are thinking about providing seasonal workers accommodation, please contact the Council's Planning or Building Control staff – phone (03) 440 0045 - who will be happy to answer any questions and assist you through the process.​

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