Subdivision Consent

If you want to subdivide a property in this district you’ll need to get a subdivision consent. This type of consent allows you to divide your land or change the position of boundaries.


What is a subdivision?

Subdivision involves changing the legal boundaries of land. Normally it involves creating new lots and new certificates of titles that can be sold and developed. In some cases existing boundaries may also be changed without the creation of any new titles, commonly called boundary adjustments.


Can I subdivide my property?

The first step you’ll need to do is check what resource area your property is in. Each district has its own set of rules. In our Publications section you can view the maps that will show the resource area of the land in the Central Otago district. They also can be viewed at Council’s service centres and libraries.

If you think your property may be suitable for subdivision, talk to one of our planners. They can discuss your proposal with you to make sure there are no special issues you need to address. The next step is to contact a registered surveyor. The contact details for local surveyors are in the telephone book.

A surveyor can help you prepare the subdivision application. All applications must include the Assessment of Effects on the Environment (AEE) and the plan of subdivision. The plan of subdivision shows the design of the proposed subdivision including the size of the lots, positions of access, services, existing buildings and any other relevant features. Your surveyor acts as your agent, and is there to give you professional advice and guide you through the subdivision process.​

Page reviewed: 05 Dec 2013 6:00am