Travellers' Accommodation

​​​​Travellers’ accommodation has the potential to affect the amenity values of the adjoining properties. Effects include (but are not limited to) an increase in traffic, noise and a loss of security and companionship associated with knowing your neighbours.


Do I need a Resource Consent if I have guests in my own home?

If you want to operate a Homestay or Bed and Breakfast (B&B) and you permanently live in the house no resource consent is required if you have six or less fee paying guests.


What if I don’t live at the property permanently?

If you want to accommodate fee paying guests but don’t live at the house permanently, you will need resource consent, regardless of the number of people it accommodates.


What information do I need for a Resource Consent application?

You’ll need to provide:

  • A completed and signed appli​cation form​​, a site plan that shows all buildings, structures, significant natural features and the access,

  • A current copy of your Certificate of Title,
  • An Assessment of Effects on the Environment (AEE) addressing the specific detail of your proposed activity.

Your application will also need to include:

  • the number of guests you will accommodate and where they will be accommodated
  • the number of on-site car parks available at your property for guests
  • details of any signs you want to erect, including wording, the dimensions and any images need to be included
  • how the accommodation will be managed for bookings
  • the written approval of neighbouring property owners. Often written approvals are required from more than just immediate neighbours. Council planning staff will be able to advise what approvals are required.
  • if the property isn’t connected to town water or sewerage systems, detail of the adequacy of the on-site waste disposal system may be required.

There may be other requirements depending on where the property is and could include needing to liaise with groups such as the Department of Conservation, Heritage New Zealand, Ngai Tahu or New Zealand Transport Agency.


How much will a Resource Consent cost?

The initial deposit to include with your application will can be found in Council’s fees and charges ​schedule.


Development Contributions

Any development that creates additional demands will attract a development contribution and this includes travellers’ accommodation.


Building Consent Requirements

Depending on the type of facility there may be Building Act requirements. Please contact Council’s Building Control Department to discuss.


Environmental Health/Liquor Licensing

If you’re planning to serve meals and/or drinks to your guests, then you may need to have environmental health or liquor licenses in place. Please check with our Environmental Health Officer to discuss whether or not licenses will be required.


Tourism Central Otago and Central Otago Visitor Centres

Once you’ve got all your consents in place, you might like to consider becoming a member of Tourism Central Otago and look to promote your business in our district's i-SITEs and Visitor Centres.

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