Water Supply for Dwellings

We can provide you with all information you need when sorting out your drinking (potable) water supply and getting a water test.

You will need to have a potable water source sorted before building consent can be issued. That is one of the requirements of the Building Act.

We suggest you secure, install and test your water source before you apply for building consent. For a treated source, we’ll need to get a full chemical analysis and a full design and storage system from you.

Our District Plan says that your potable water must be:

  • From a bore, spring or well
  • Free from contamination
  • Secured by easements (if the source is off-site)
  • Located at least 50 metres from any effluent disposal system
  • Not located in a hazard area.

If you can’t secure water from a bore, spring or well, then Council will consider alternative sources, like a water race or other surface take. To have an alternative source you must supply the following:

  • Evidence that a bore, spring or well isn’t available.
  • Evidence of an alternative source detailing the proposed treatment if the water isn’t potable.
  • The location of the source, along with details of right to take or permission from the company for shares in the water.
  • Details of any easements required to secure the supply.
  • Storage and confirmation that the supply is adequate for its intended use

Council needs a chemical and bacteriological water test done to confirm potability. You can choose to have this done yourself or Council can do this for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. 



Sue de Jong
Consents Officer – Planning
Phone: (03) 440 0641
Email: sue.dejong@codc.govt.nz

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