Dates for Rates

Council's financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

Rates are invoiced in four equal instalments with invoices due for payment on the 20th of the middle month of each quarter (or the next working day). ​

​Instalment Number​Period Covered​Last Date for Payment
​First1 July – 30 September​20 August
​Second​1 October – 31 December​20 November
​Third​1 January – 31 March​20 February
​Fourth and Final​1 April – 30 June​20 May


You must pay your rates before 5pm on the last day for payment to avoid the 10% penalty.

This means Council needs to have received your payment by that time. Please consider this requirement if you are mailing your payments.



Penalties are charged for late payments and/or if instalments are not paid in full. If you wish to pay your rates by Automatic Payment please contact Council to ensure that the amount you are paying is correct and that Council is aware of your chosen method of payment. If the amount paid is insufficient or is not amended as or when required, penalties will be incurred.

To avoid penalties Council recommends payment by Direct Debit as Council will manage the payment of your rates on your behalf. All changes to your payment details will be advised to you in writing before implementing. Rates are a charge on the land therefore only one rate account can be in existence for each piece of land at any one time.

If you have recently purchased a property and arrears appear on the rate account, please contact your Solicitor and advise the Council.


Penalty Dates

Penalties for unpaid rates will be applied as follows:

  • 10% on any outstanding amount of any instalment not paid by the due date
  • 10% on amounts outstanding from earlier years, such penalty being applied on 1 October and 1 April

Requests for waiver of penalties should be sent, in writing, to the Rates Officer.


Arrears and Overdue Accounts

If your rate account is in arrears it is important that you contact Council's Rates Officer as soon as possible to discuss payment arrangements. By making contact as soon as possible you may be able to minimise penalty charges and quickly bring your account up to date. Please do not wait until the penalty date before making enquiries.


Contacts for Rates Enquiries

You can contact Council's Customer Services team on +64 3 440 0056, fax +64 3 448 9196 or email for sales and settlement enquiries.

For account enquiries contact:

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