Property Enquiry

Viewing a Property File

If you are considering purchasing a property, you may want to request a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report​.

Property files are generally held at Council offices and service centres and can be viewed there. 

​Get your Property File Digitally​​

Council is digitising property files, either planned or when requested. If you would like to receive your property file digitally, please complete our Property File Digitisation Request​ online form​

The form requires the property's valuation number, this can found at:

​​​Digitisation Turnaround Times

Because we are currently digitising the property files stored in Alexandra, which will be followed by property files stored in Cromwell, Roxburgh and Ranfurly the following target turnaround times apply.

  • ​​Alexandra properties - 5 business day
  • Cromwell, Ranfurly and Roxburgh properties - 10 business days
The turnaround times will adjust as we move onto the next file store.

What's in a Property File?

The information contained within each property file varies and we cannot guarantee the information you are looking for will be on file.

The types of information that may be on a property file include:

  • Building permits and consents
  • Drainage plans
  • Plans and specifications
  • Code Compliance Certificates
  • Planning reports
  • Resource Consent Decisions
  • Associated documents
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