Property Enquiry

Viewing a Property File

Property files are generally held at Council offices and service centres and copies can be made of any documents you require.

The information contained within each property file varies and we cannot guarantee the information you are looking for will be on file.

The types of information that may be on a property file include:

  • Building permits and consents
  • Drainage plans
  • Plans and specifications
  • Code Compliance Certificates
  • Planning reports
  • Resource Consent Decisions
  • Associated documents

If you are unable to look at a file in person, you can email your request to​. Because our information is not yet held electronically, it is a manual process for one of our administration team to locate the document(s) you require and scan them to you. You will be charged a fee rleative to the time spent so it is imperative that yu are very clear about what document(s) you require. 

Considering purchasing a property? You may want to request a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report​.

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