Rates Remissions

The general objectives of the Council’s policy on remission of rates are to:

  • mitigate the effects of anomalies and inequities in its rating system, i.e. fairness and equity, economic well-being
  • assist new and existing businesses to increase their contribution to district employment, i.e. social and economic well-being
  • assist conservation of natural, historic and cultural resources, i.e. environmental and cultural well-being

Please refer to our Rating Policy for more information on each of these types of remission:

  • Remission of penalties
  • Remission of uniform annual charges and fixed charge targeted rates on rural rating units
  • Remission for extreme financial hardship
  • Remission for anomalous and/or iniquitous rates increases
  • Remission of rates on rural land with a capital value less than $1000
  • Remission of rates on land protected for natural, historic or cultural conservation purposes
  • Remission of rates for heritage buildings
  • Remissions for community, sporting and other organisations
  • Remission for Crown Land used for private or commercial purposes
  • Remission for land affected by natural disasters
  • Remission for development land
  • Remission for business development
  • Remission of water rates attributable to leakage

All applications for remissions will be considered in the first instance by the Corporate Services Manager. In certain cases, particularly requests for remission for: business development, land protected for natural, historic or cultural conservation purposes, or land affected by natural disaster will be referred to Council for a decision.

All applications considered by Council will be discussed in open session, or the results of its deliberations in closed session will be disclosed in open session at its next meeting.​

Rates Penalty Remission Form

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