Water Accounts


​​​​​Water is a Rate

Water is administered as a ‘rate’ under the Local Government (Rating) Act.


Volumetric Charging

The Central Otago District Council introduced volumetric water charging on 1 July 2012.
Volumetric charging means the cost of water is funded in two parts. 

  1. Uniform annual charge: this charge appears on the annual rates account. The uniform charge is each ratepayer’s share of the cost of maintaining and upgrading the water supply infrastructure. Where there are multiple connections to a property, ratepayers pay one uniform charge per connection.
  2. Volumetric charge: Each ratepayer receives a water account every six months for any water used through the water meter on your property.

Water is funded on a cost recovery basis only. Ratepayers pay only what it costs to operate the water supply. By law, Council cannot make a profit or loss on water.


Water Charges 2018/19

All water schemes will pay a uniform change per connection of $323.46. The volumetric charge that will apply from your first account of the new financial year is 60c per cubic metre for all schemes. 

​Water Scheme​​Meters Read
​AlexandraOctober and April
​ClydeSeptember and March
​OmakauSeptember and March
​CromwellNovember and May
​PisaNovember and May
​PatearoaSeptember and March
​NasebySeptember and March
​Ranfurly​September and March
​RoxburghSeptember and March
​Bannockburn ​​March and September

Responsibility for payment

The property owner is responsible for the payment of the water account.​


Rental Properties

Because water is administered as a rate, the water account must be sent to the property owner, not a tenant or occupier. The water database is directly linked to the ownership details in the rating database, so your water account will be sent to the same address as your rates account. Water accounts cannot be sent to a separate address. Please make sure you let us know of any change of rating address.


Account Enquiries

Any enquiries about your account should be made before the due date shown on the invoice to avoid penalties for late or non-payment.



A penalty charge of 10% will be applied to any unpaid portion of your account after the due date, for balances over $10. 


Water Leaks

From time to time a pipe on your property may spring a leak. These often go undetected and your water bill may be the first indication that something is not right. If you have had a significant leak, you may be eligible for a rebate on part of your water account. Please read the Leak Remission Policy on the second page of our Leak Remission Application Form.


Using the Meter to check your Water Use

It is a good idea to learn how to read your meter, so you can check how much water you have used. Water passing through your meter is the property owner’s responsibility, even if it is a leak. If you think your reading is higher than it should be, you can use your meter to check for water leaks.

Step 1
Check no water is being used on your property. Locate your meter – this is usually found on the property boundary under a blue or black lid marked “WATER”. If you have trouble locating the meter, you can phone our office for assistance.

Step 2
Look to see if any of the dials are moving. The red dials show use in litres. If these are moving and you are sure no water is being used on your property, this is a good indication of a leak somewhere on your property.

Step 3
Check for any signs of water leaks around your property. 

  • Listen for water running, especially at night when everything is quiet
  • Check for leaking or dripping taps 
  • Look for water appearing on paths or driveways 
  • Check overflow pipes
  • Look for damp areas in your lawn or gardens 
  • Check your toilet cistern is not continually running

Step 4
Call your plumber to have the leak repaired.


Property Sales

If you are selling your property, your lawyer will need to request a final read from us. As a component of rates, water along with your rates must be settled upon sale. Three working days’ notice is required for your final read. A $40 charge may apply. We do not do final reads for change of tenant. 


Water Account Payment Options

CODC Service Centres: Cash, cheque or eftpos

Mail to: Central Otago District Council PO Box 122, Alexandra, 9320.

Internet Banking: Account 02 0916 0081744 00. Use your 5 digit water account number as a reference, not your valuation number.

Or Direct Debit: Fill in the Direct Debit form and return it to our office. This means that payment will be debited form your bank account on the due date. You will not have to worry about the late payment and incurring penalties. Your water account payment can be added to your existing property rates direct debit, call us to arrange this.

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