​​​Facilities for greenwaste are located at the Ranfurly, Roxburgh, Alexandra and Cromwell transfer stations.​

Please ensure your loads are greenwaste only.  Lawn clippings, leaves and small branch prunings (not exceeding 100mm in diameter) are permitted.

For greenwaste charges please see our 2018/19 Fees & Charges.
Rubbish not permitted: Flax leaves, household rubbish, animal carcasses/pelts/guts/tails/shells, construction material, wire, stones, glass, ashes.

The Transfer Station Attendant will inspect your loads to ensure it is greenwaste only and direct where you are to dump. All greenwaste facilities operate during normal Transfer Station ​hours. 

​​​​​​​​​​​Home Composting and Organics Recycling

Council encourages the community to recycle their food and green waste organics at home rather than putting it in your wheelie bin. Home composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces costs and benefits your garden. In partnership with COREAP, Council supports community composting wo​​​rkshops. 

We need everyone’s help to keep greenwaste out of our red bins. At present 30% of the region's waste is made up of organic material such as garden waste, lawn clippings and food scraps. This costs ratepayers in excess of $250,000 per year to transport and dispose of at Victoria Flat landfill.​

​Bokashi Composting

The Council wants to help minimise waste by providing opportunities to learn how to successfully compost and by providing a subsidy on a Bokashi compost system.​

'Bokashi' is a Japanese term, meaning 'fermented organic matter' and is the basis of Bokashi NZ's flagship product, the ZingBokashi Compost Zing System.

ZingBokashi Compost Zing processes household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in just four weeks! Not only is it easy to use, readily available, and environmentally friendly, it also gives you many advantages over alternative methods of organic recycling and worm farms.

Advantages include:

  • Decreased composting time - up to 50% quicker than traditional composting.
  • Less odour as the food decays, due to the Bokashi fermenting, rather than decomposing process.
  • Increased growing power resulting in healthier and more productive plants.
  • Easy to use, requiring no mixing and produces a very natural pour-on liquid​ fertiliser as well as physical compost.
  • Bokashi buckets are compact and (because they don't smell) you can easily keep them inside.
  • Bokashi buckets can be purchased at workshops at the subsidised rate. ​1 Bokashi bucket - $30 inclusive of gst. Normal cost $45. Each customer receives a free bag of compost zing. Additional bags of compost zing can also be purchased at the workshops for $8 a bag.

Online sales of Bokashi products (free shipping within NZ) are available from the Zing Bokashi NZ store. Zing Bokashi bins are also available for sale at WasteBusters Alexandra. ​

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