Report Illegal Dumping

​​​​What is illegal dumping?​

Illegal rubbish dumping is any rubbish left on public property.

It can be:

  • large items (e.g. a fridge or couch)
  • items amounting to more than two black rubbish bags.
  • dead animals, greenwaste
  • biohazards eg chemical or waste

You should know: We do not remove dumped rubbish on private property. The owner of the property is responsible for the disposal of rubbish dumped on their property.

What you can do about illegally dumped rubbish

If you see dumped rubbish on public property, such as Council reserves use our service request form​. Include a detailed description if you saw it happening.

If the illegally dumped rubbish is hazardous and needs urgent attention, call us on 03 440 0056 (24 hours, seven days).​

What information you need to provide​

Helpful information includes:

  • registration number of the offender's vehicle
  • description of the offender's vehicle
  • location, date and time
  • description of the rubbish
  • whether the rubbish is obstructing the road, causing danger to people, or contains hazardous material such as chemicals, oil or LPG
  • description of the offender.​

What we do about illegally dumped rubbish

We will investigate claims of illegally dumped rubbish and try to identify the offender.

Page reviewed: 29 Nov 2018 10:19am