Road Signs

Damaged or stolen signs

For any damaged or stolen signs please contact us with details of the type and location of the missing or damaged sign.

Signs such as ‘Give Way’ or ‘Stop’ are kept in stock and can be replaced quickly, but other signs will take longer as they may have to be specially made.

For signs on the State Highway, contact Opus who are the agent for the New Zealand Transport Agency, on (03) 440 2400 to let them know of the problem.

Signs for Private Lanes

Signs marking private lanes or right of ways belong to the property owners and Council does not maintain them. We can arrange for a Council contractor to repair/replace the sign but all costs will be charged to the property owners.

Directional Signage for Schools, Churches and other Community Organisations

Directional signs may be used where street name signs provide less than adequate directions to certain public amenities, e.g. a community hall. Amenity signs have black lettering on yellow background or white on brown for tourist amenities.

To avoid excessive clutter and to ensure consistency of signs, the Council only approves signs where amenities:

  • offer facilities or services available to the wider community; and
  • regularly attract visitors likely to be unfamiliar with the area.

Signs are to be generic in nature, rather than displaying specific trade names, e.g. motel, church, winery.

All installation and ongoing maintenance work will be carried out by the Council’s signs contractor, with all costs being the responsibility of the applicant.

If you think your organisation qualifies for signs please contact us

Signs that need to be sited on State Highways require approval from the New Zealand Transport Agency. For more information contact Opus on (03) 440 2400.

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