Street Lighting

Council operates a network of street lights throughout the urban area.

Currently street lights in Central Otago are high pressure sodium, mercury vapour and fluorescent lights. These forms of lighting are less efficient and reliable than new LED technology.

Our ageing street lights will be replaced with efficient LED lighting over the course of the next four years. The switch to this smarter technology will result in sizeable long-term savings.

LED lights have low energy use and a long life which reduces operating costs. They also produce a very white light which improves colour rendition and the effectiveness of the lighting. Another bonus of the new lighting technology is that residents will enjoy reduced light "spill" as the light is designed to fall where it is needed and it eliminates upward lighting pollution, meaning the night sky will be enhanced.​

Streetlights are maintained and serviced by Council contractors, but we rely on residents to report faults in residential areas.

If a light near you is not working please contact us and we will arrange for a contractor to repair it. Please give a good description of the location of the light, such as a street address, and a description of the problem.

If the light is on a State Highway please contact Opus Consultants who are the agent for the New Zealand Transport Agency. Opus phone number is (03) 440 2400.

Lights in private lanes or right of ways are owned by the properties down the lane. Power and repair charges are the responsibility of the property owners. You will need to contact an electrical contractor for assistance. ​

Page reviewed: 10 Jul 2015 12:41pm