​​Audit and Risk Committee

Chair: Linda Robertson (Independent)

The Audit and Risk Committee provides governance and oversight in the areas of audit and risk to ensure appropriate systems and practice are delivered throughout the Council and its activities. It meets three times per year and as required.​​

Hearings Panel

The Hearings Panel is a subcommittee of the Planning and Environment Committee. Its members consider and make decisions relating to the District Plan and a major component of the Panel's job is to hear applications for resource consent. The Panel meets on a monthly basis or as required.


District Licensing Committees (DLCs)

With the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 on 18 December 2013 DLCs were established to replace district licensing agencies.

From that date, DLCs are responsible for considering:

  • all licence applications and renewals
  • all managers certificate applications and renewals

The committee, made up of a chairperson and two members selected from a list, meets monthly if required.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing any matters that need an immediate response.  Its members are the Mayor and a councillor from each community board (four members), except the ward represented by the Deputy Mayor.

Its purpose is to deal with Council, Committee and Community Board issues that require immediate response. 

Assessment Committee

The Funding Assessment Committee is responsible for overseeing the distribution of funds for national funding organisations such as Sport New Zealand and Creative New Zealand.  The Committee is made up of two councillors  as  well as representatives from the Roxburgh community, tangata whenua and a representative from each of the community arts councils within the district. It meets as required.

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