Teviot Valley Community Board

​​​​​​The Teviot Valley Community Board has 5 members (4 elected, 1 appointed by Council).

The Teviot Valley ward encompasses both the urban and rural communities. The main urban towns are Roxburgh and Millers Flat. The ward includes the settlements of Ettrick and Lake Roxburgh Village.


Introducing your Board...


Raymond Gunn (Chair)

Phone: 03 446 8681​
Mobile: 027 608 1842
Email: raymond.gunn@codc.govt.nz

My wife Leda and I are 5th generation sheep and beef farmers on our property at Coal Creek. We have two daughters Katie and Sarah, who attend the Roxburgh Area School.

I also sit on the 12-member Grower Advisory Panel for Wools of New Zealand.

Having represented the Teviot Valley for two terms on the Community Board, the second term as Board Chairman. During that time, I have represented the Board on the Roxburgh District Medical Services Trust Board, Roxburgh Entertainment Centre, Roxburgh Pool Redevelopment Committee and Ida McDonald Charitable Trust and look forward to continuing these roles.

I have been involved in many groups and organisations in the Valley, I am currently secretary of the Roxburgh Gun Club and also Deputy Chairman of the Coal Creek Cycleway Trust.

The Cycle ways have been an exciting new development to the Teviot Valley, helping to encourage visitors out of the main tourist destinations, to see the many attractions this valley has to offer. I am encouraged by the number of new people and businesses coming to live and work which is helping create a new vibrancy to the Teviot Valley.


Cliff Parker  (Deputy Chair)

Phone: 03 446 9003 (home)
Email: cliff.parker@codc.govt.nz

I have been on the Teviot Valley Community Board for nine years. My TVCB roles include being the Board’s representative on the Roxburgh Cemetery Trust, the Millers Flat Recreation Committee, the McPhail Trust and the rep for the Museum.

Having lived most of my life in Ettrick I now live on the main drag of Roxburgh. I am retired but formerly I owned a berry farm and orchard, called Hill View Berry Gardens, for more than 30 years.

I am a past chair of the Ettrick Fruitgrowers Association, and current chair of both the Ettrick Hall Committee and the Ettrick Cemetery Trust. I was also on the New Zealand Berry Fruit executive for almost 20 years, was chair of the Otago Berryfruit Growers Association and the Otago Raspberry Growers Association and was a member of the South Island Raspberry Marketing Committee.

I have been a member of the Masonic Lodge for 40+ years, look after the Lodge’s scooter fleet for the district, coordinate the annual Otago Hospice street appeal in Roxburgh and call the Housie numbers at the Teviot Valley Rest Home each week.


Sally Feinerman

Phone: 03 446 8615​
Mobile: 021 900 643
Email: sally.feinerman@codc.govt.nz ​

After owning an historic holiday cottage in Roxburgh for 14 years, my husband and I returned to settle permanently in Roxburgh in 2014. Since then I have become an active member of the community, including volunteering on events and joining numerous groups.

I am excited about the future growth of our region and see real potential in the cycle trails in this area and the year to year growth that this sector is generating financially for new and existing businesses.

Throughout my life I have been proactive in helping on community events, including heading up the Queenstown Winter Festival. This event gave me a great foundation on how to deliver an event to satisfy all key public stakeholders.

I am invested in the future of the Teviot Valley and my wish is to see more sustainable business growth in this area to allow more families and business people the opportunity to call this amazing place their home.

I am excited that I can use my skills gained from a career in the tourism and event sectors to contribute to the continued growth of our vibrant community.


Stephen Jeffery

Mobile: 027 220 6080
Email: stephen.jeffery@codc.govt.nz

I am a local businessman with interests in fruit growing, packing, exporting and retail. My family has a long history in this valley and I have a passion and a vision for its future. 

In the past I have served several terms on the Roxburgh Community Board, two as Chairman. The past three years I have been the Teviot Valley's Councillor on Council. As well as serving on several committees I am currently chairman of the Roxburgh Gorge/Clutha Gold Trail Trust Company and the Teviot Valley Community Development Scheme. The impetus behind my involvement in these projects is to drive economic development across the Teviot Valley. Without growth it's difficult to maintain existing services.

I think I have proven over the years that I have the ability, drive and commitment to serve this community. 


John Pritchard

Phone: 03  446 8209 
Mobile: 021 587 998
Email​: john.pritchard@codc.govt.nz​

Myself, Lesley and our two children moved from Invercargill to a small rural block in Roxburgh 15 years ago as we had always wanted to live in Central Otago. What was initially planned as an area we would holiday in quickly became a place we wanted to settle when we fell in love with the area. I have been practising Law for 43 years, firstly in a partnership and for some time now in my own practice, which is based in Roxburgh.

I feel passionate about Roxburgh and Central Otago and I am involved in many community organisations - the Fire Brigade, RSA, the Roxburgh Medical Services Trust Board and I am an executive member of Freemasons NZ. ​

My interest in NZ History, specifically of Otago and Southland, makes me appreciate even more the importance of our region. This interest extends to understanding the community and the special place in which we live. This encouraged me to seek election to the Community Board to actively represent the people in this area. I hope to offer through my various experiences and interests advocacy and a voice for the people of Roxburgh and offer my expertise and business skills as something positive to help discuss the issues this community faces day to day. ​

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