Annual Plan engagement campaign launched


17 May 2019

In a first for the organisation, Central Otago District Council is focusing on a programme of community engagement on its Annual Plan rather than the more traditional formal consultation process.

Because the Council consulted with the community just 12 months ago on its 10-Year Plan 2018-28, and because the 2019/20 Annual Plan contains no significant change to what was signalled for Year 2, Councillors agreed that no formal consultation was required. This is consistent with the requirement under the Local Government Act 2002, and with advice from Audit NZ and an independent contractor.

"This is the first time this Council has not consulted on our Annual Plan," said CEO Sanchia Jacobs. "This break from tradition is an exciting milestone. It means we are producing robust long-term plans and are delivering on what the community told us it they wanted through the 10-Year Plan."

"Even though we aren't consulting, our people are at the heart of all we do, so we have launched a programme of community engagement to keep our residents and ratepayers informed," said Ms Jacobs.

She invited the community to check out the information on Council's website at to find out more about how Council is tracking on its 10-Year Plan projects, and what the focus is in the year head.  The online information includes a video fronted by Ms Jacobs and Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan to update the community.

Also available on the website is a rates calculator "tool" where people can type in their address to find out their proposed rates for the 2019/20 year. 

"On average rates across the Central Otago district will increase by 4.1% in the coming year, in line with our 10-Year Plan projections. However, this is an average so individual ratepayers may see increases that are less or more than this figure.  Our team has attempted to pull together some 'plain English' explanations to step people through some of the variables that are impacting people's rates."

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