New affordable housing trust formed

​4 October 2017

Statement from Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan:

"During the local body election campaign last year, a strong call was made by the public that the Council and the Mayor do something about a perceived lack of affordable housing in Central Otago. This was a call made particularly loudly in Cromwell where house, section and rental prices have continued to greatly increase since that time. Other areas such as Clyde and Alexandra have also seen similar issues.

I established a working group comprising myself, Neil Gillespie, Nigel McKinlay (District Councillors and Cromwell Community Board Members), Werner Murray (Cromwell Community Board Member) and Glen Christiansen (former Cromwell Community Board Member) to decide on the best response.

As a result of that, four people have put their hands up to be inaugural Trustees of an Affordable Housing Trust for Central Otago.  These people are Glen Christiansen, Kate Scott (Executive Director Landpro), Mary Flannery (Solicitor AWS Legal) and Stephen Brent (Partner Cavell Leitch Lawyers and a current Trustee of the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust). These people bring a wealth of experience and commitment to what will be a significant role.

The purpose of the Trust is to find ways to work with Council and developers to ensure that there is an affordability component to developments in the area.  How they do that will be in the hands of the Trustees as it is now time for the Mayor, Council and Community Boards in the district to step back and allow the Trust to find its own way forward.​

Having a strong voice outside of Council applying pressure, devising solutions and managing what eventuates has proven very effective in making inroads into the housing affordability issue in other areas and I look forward to seeing what this group will bring to Council in time to come."

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