Make a date with the Nappy Lady


2 September 2013
Central Otago District Council is proud to support four sustainable parenting courses with “the Nappy Lady” Kate Meads in late September. Parents are encouraged to get in quickly to reserve a space.

The Nappy Lady is touring the country and will hold workshops in Central Otago on Monday 23 September and Tuesday 24 September. Bookings are essential as these workshops are becoming increasingly popular.

Council’s Waste Minimisation Officer Sophie Mander says the Nappy Lady’s coffee morning held in Central Otago earlier this year as part of Cloth Nappy Week attracted a good audience.

“Lots of people came because they want this kind of information so they can make good economic choices and minimise their impact on the planet. With the shift to a fortnightly wheelie bin collection next year the support will really make a difference," says Ms Mander.

"The Nappy Lady is so good at what she does and is in hot demand all over the country!” 

“We are very excited to be working with her and REAP to offer genuine unbiased good advice for more sustainable options.”

The workshops are promoted in Central Otago as part of Council’s Waste Minimisation strategy.

“We’ve been planning to encourage the use of cloth nappies for a while. With a new waste minimisation plan and many submissions to the annual plan on this topic, the time was right for Council to meet the community’s demand. The aim is to encourage new parents of future generations to make choices that their children will thank them for”.

For a $20 entry fee (per couple or individual) attendees will learn about the costs of disposable versus cloth nappies, the environmental impact of both options, some of the modern nappy options, all about the different styles of nappies, and tips on washing and caring for cloth nappies. Attendees will also get a free trial pack of modern styled cloth nappies valued at $100 to take home.

The Nappy Lady encourages parents to try using even just one cloth nappy per day to do their bit and estimates if all Kiwi parents committed to just one cloth nappy change per day we could prevent over one million disposable nappies from ending up in our depleting landfills every week.

“Roughly 7% of all the waste that goes to our landfill is disposable nappies,” says Ms Mander. “That’s a lot of poop, plastic, absorbent polymers and wood pulp – even the packaging says you should shake the contents down the toilet. All this mix going into the landfill creates methane, a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. All planet-friendly factors aside, the economic benefits are well worth it and with the free trial pack offer it seems like a no-brainer”.
The workshops dates, times and venues are as follows: 

Monday 23 September

  • Ranfurly Playcentre, Bute St, 10-11.30am
  • Roxburgh Playcentre, Scotland St, 1.30-3pm
  • Alexandra Community House, Centennial Ave, Alexandra, 7-9pm

Tuesday 24 September

  • Lowburn Room, Cromwell Presbyterian Church, Elspeth St, 10am-12noon

Bookings can be made at Central Otago REAP in Alexandra Community House or by phoning
0800 267 327 or emailing

For more information and to be kept up to date visit The Nappy Lady’s website or Facebook page

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