Council pledges to reduce waste through education


27 June 2019

Central Otago District Council (CODC) is renewing calls for households to join them in taking responsibility for the growing volume of household waste in Central Otago.

"We need to take urgent action to combat the alarming volume of household waste that is on track to increase again this year," said Central Otago District Council Executive Manager - Infrastructure Services Julie Muir.

"The portion of the Waste Levy we receive comes with a clear mandate for us to educate everyone in our community around sustainability and the reduction of waste. We take this seriously and are constantly reviewing where and how we are spending this money. That means making some tough calls. In this case, it has seen us reallocate funding from the Sustainable Living Programme delivered by REAP, to a range of other initiatives that we think will reach a greater number of people within our community.  We would like to acknowledge the dedication and passion of the individuals behind the Sustainable Living Programme who we hope will continue to play an important role in our community."

Annual funding to REAP of $30,600 for the successful Enviroschools Programme will be continued.  A further $17,000 will be reallocated from the funding previously used on the Sustainable Living Programme to provide additional co-ordinator time to support the remaining four schools in Central Otago to join the Enviroschools Programme. This programme educates school children so that they in turn may influence household behaviours around sustainability. Currently all but four schools in the Central Otago district are involved in this programme.

The reallocated funds will also allow CODC to monitor more closely and work with both demolition and construction companies around more sustainable methods of waste disposal.

"We are optimistic that with greater community education, that come World Environment Day next year the average volume of waste will have reduced. But that will take commitment from everyone in our community," said Ms Muir.​


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