Cromwell Aerodrome update

16/08/2018 12:00 a.m.

​15 August 2018

At its 27 June 2018 the Waste and Property Infrastructure Committee of the Central Otago District Council authorised the “Chief Executive Officer to grant leases for hangar sites at Cromwell Aerodrome in accordance with the concept plan and on the general terms and conditions previously adopted by the Committee for Cromwell Airport leases”.

Some concerns have been raised in the Cromwell Community that this authorisation could mean that, should the community as a result of the Masterplan and/or the likes of a District Plan review or Plan Change process decide that the aerodrome is to cease operating at its current site, any hangars developed as a result of the resolution could obstruct that decision.

Waste and Property Infrastructure Committee Chair Nigel McKinley says that discussions held with himself and the Mayor on Monday with members of the Cromwell community showed the concerns held about the decision's effect on the integrity of the Masterplan process.

CODC Chief Executive Sanchia Jacobs confirms that any leases issued under the resolution will include terms that will keep options open to the Council in the future. It is anticipated such clauses will include provisions for the cancellation of leases should the aerodrome reserve status of the land be changed or the land returned to the Crown.

Given that Cromwell is currently undertaking the Masterplan process and the future of the Cromwell aerodrome may be an issue the community wishes to consider as part of that and any other future planning process, Neil Gillespie, Cromwell Community Board Chair, has requested that the Chief Executive provide a report to the Cromwell Community Board that details the decision of the Council's Waste and Property Infrastructure Committee.

"This will enable the Board to ensure that the Masterplan process is informed as to the decision and the effect of the provisions of any leases arising”.

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