Cromwell to get its own brand identity


6 May 2014

A new brand identity for the Cromwell basin will be developed later this year, led by the Cromwell Community Board (CCB).

The CCB considered a report at its 28 April meeting from Central Otago District Council Brand Manager Shirley Howden that outlined the proposed process for developing a brand and the associated costs.

Currently Cromwell uses a range of image sets to promote the town, including Lake Dunstan, the fruit sculpture, as well as a special font for the word ''Cromwell'.' However these did not represent a brand, Ms Howden said.

"A brand is more than simply a logo. The sense of belonging to a district, the pride in which communities develop themselves, is the essence of what is meant by the term brand. Finding a unique story which helps to position the Cromwell Basin is critical to expressing its special difference."

A range of sectors including community groups have expressed interest in seeing a single expression for the Cromwell Basin for all to use. It was therefore considered timely to review what that unique story is, one that makes sense to all those living in the Cromwell Basin and to those beyond.

The new brand for Cromwell will sit alongside and complement the regional "World of Difference" brand for Central Otago.

"It is important to define Cromwell Basin's unique proposition within the Central Otago context; each community has its own unique proposition which would build the total Central Otago experience and value system. These are part of the one family," said Ms Howden.

Brand strategist Brian Richards from BRR Ltd, who helped to develop the regional identity for Central Otago, will be involved with the development of the Cromwell brand.

The process to develop the brand identity for the Cromwell Basin will commence with a workshop led by CCB, with a likely date in July. Representatives from the key sectors in the community will be invited to participate in the workshop. The process and outcomes of the workshop will be managed by Mr Richards.

Following the workshop the brand story will be developed. Having unique stories that define the Cromwell Basin becomes an important resource when developing marketing content to ensure a consistent story is told, and one that builds on the unique points of difference.

A graphic designer will be contracted to develop the brand design system, which includes a brand logo, colour palette, and various templates designed to show how the brand can be used in marketing material.

It is intended that the brand mark be registered and a suite of photographic images that best depict the brand identity for the Cromwell basin and bring that brand to life will be developed. 

An official launch to introduce the new brand identity to the community will be held.

The estimated total cost for the project is $66,500. The branding project will be funded from the Cromwell Promotions account and spread over a 10-year period.

"While it seems a lot of money and there will be some that will say that the same result could be achieved without the process that the Board has adopted, it is important that Cromwell has a brand that is based on expert input that will complement the Central Otago World of Difference brand," said Cromwell Community Board Chair Neil Gillespie. 

"Having a recognisable brand and a solid story to support it will assist the likes of the Cromwell and Districts Promotions Group and community organisations to target their activities to support the brand and for individual businesses and business groups to use the brand to enhance their products and services, so we all benefit in one way or another."‚Äč

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