Community feedback guides Masterplan


27 August 2018

A public survey conducted as part of the Cromwell `Eye to the Future' Masterplan gives some clear feedback about how people who live in the Cromwell area value their place.

The survey sought feedback from the community on three questions: "What is the one thing that you like about the Cromwell area, what is the one thing you would like to change about the Cromwell area, and what is the one thing you would like Cromwell to be known for in the future?"

In total, 461 people responded to the survey which ran from 3-20 July. The survey was administered by Connect Cromwell, an independent community group.

"People from the Cromwell area have really got engaged in the Masterplan and we're pleased that they are taking the opportunities to get involved and have their say. After all, this is about the future of their place," says CODC Executive Manager Planning and Environment, Louise van der Voort.

In response to the question `What is the one thing you like about the Cromwell area?", 46% of respondents commented on the community and lifestyle Cromwell offered, 37% on the recreational amenities and facilities, and a further 33% mentioned the area's natural environment. The town's location and climate also featured highly.

When asked the one thing they'd like to change about the Cromwell area, better shopping areas (36%) and having better control of development (26%) rated highly, as did having more or better facilities and amenities (13%) and better infrastructure (11%).

Respondents wanted the Cromwell area to be known in the future as a great place to live (56%), for the area's fruit and wine (25%), the scenery and natural environment (21%) and as a great place to holiday or visit (21%). Outdoor activities also rated highly (17%).

"This community feedback, alongside the other feedback we've received through channels such as the stakeholder sessions, individual emails and conversations, as well as public drop-in sessions, is being fed back into the Masterplanning process," Ms van der Voort said.

"The next steps are to refine the options that will be put before the Cromwell Community Board in September. Then in October, we'll be having further conversations with the community, including presenting some options on what they think is the best way forward for the Cromwell area."

Drop-in sessions, public displays, stakeholder sessions and online information would likely form the basis for community engagement in October.

"How will the area accommodate the projected growth in population? How should the town's facilities and amenities be developed and where? What are the opportunities? These are questions are at the heart of the Cromwell Masterplan. It's fantastic to have such strong community feedback to guide us," Ms van der Voort said.

The public survey results are available at and via the Council website, where the analysis of feedback from the public drop-in sessions is also posted.‚Äč

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